Here’s the first round of losers for today’s Kid Rock ticket giveaway!

To give away today’s Kid Rock tickets, we had a twist on “Name That Tune.” We had listeners call in and play us songs using nontraditional instruments, meaning no pianos, trumpets, singing, whistling, or anything of the sort.  We had some pretty ridiculous results to this one: Jeff thought one lady playing Twinkle Twinkle using a whiskey jug was attempting to mimic the mating call of elephant seals!  Our first winner gave us a solid rendition of Jingle Bells using a beer bottle and spoon while our favorite did Bawitaba by Kid Rock on her car horn. Check out the audio to hear the hilarity!

Here’s round 2 (and our first winner) of the competition!

Here’s the conch shell competition that inspired this contest. Check out the guy rockin’ some Stones!

Here’s the second winner gettin jiggy with some car-horn Bawitaba!

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