Here’s CJ from the Red Cross talking about the importance of being prepared.

Today we had CJ in from the San Luis Obispo Red Cross to talk about disaster preparation in light of the disasters going on in Japan.  She really highlighted the importance of having a full disaster kit ready to go by the door in case of an emergency. While she was here, we got a call from a woman who’s apartment was horrendously flooded  in San Luis Obispo in 2005.  This all happened at 3:30 am, and the Red Cross was out there to help by 3:45.  You can check out a full list of supplies to have in your disaster kit by heading over to the American Red Cross website. Also, check out the fantastic resources and donation page at the local San Luis Obispo Red Cross website by clicking here.

CJ tells us how to create a proper emergency kit.

Check out listener Laurie telling us her story of Red Cross assissting her with a devastating flood right here in San Luis Obispo.

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