Here are the guys discussing the wonders of Facebook.

So we walk into the studio this morning to the sad realization that our phones are out of commish. The power supply on the router failed, leaving us with a pathetic heartbeat sound coming from the lines, but nothing else. Seeing as we had a pair of Kid Rock tickets, 2 pairs of A Night of Queen tickets, and a pair of tickets to Cal Poly baseball to give away, this posed a bit of a problem. We decided that we would have to figure out how to get enough interest the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page to give everything away. And, Jesus, did it work. We wound up getting over 30 comments just on our first giveway in 40 minutes, so much more efficient than phones. Maybe one day the ‘Book can start DJing our show so they can be free of the humans here entirely!

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  1. so like what was the right answer anyways?