Vince Neil has spoken out about the altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Las Vegas TV entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs, last Thursday at the Las Vegas Hilton.

He says, “I never touched her! I was with four hotel executives. They know it didn’t happen.”

Alicia says Neil poked her shoulder, leaving a mark, and verbally accosted her. Neil says, “I didn’t go over to her for any other reason than to be friendly, polite and introduce her to people I was there in business meetings with.”

Neil says Alicia “ran after” him in the casino. “I ignored it and didn’t want any part of it. I turned and walked away without saying a word to her.

So she called the police … Interesting isn’t it that the police never came to talk to me about it. I was even staying in the hotel. Both hotel security and the Hilton people knew exactly which room I was in, so if all of those accusations had been true, they knew exactly where to find me…

Now the fake drama continues — it’s becoming a battery case. It simply didn’t happen, and they all know it.”

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