Here are the guys discussing the latest cast of Dancing With the Stars.

The latest cast for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars was released last night and consists of a pretty good mix up of celebrities and pseudo-celebs.  We were wondering which of these stars has the best chance of helping their career as a result of the show.  Now people like Hines Ward, as a professional football player, have nowhere to go but down whereas DJ Psycho Mike and karate kid Ralph Macchio are the other way around.  I’ll be rooting for (as I think most of America will be) model Petra Nemcova. Not only is she hot, and I mean super hot, but she was swept away by the tsunami in Thailand a few years away which broke her pelvis, left her holding on to a palm tree for 8 hours before being rescued, and losing her boyfriend.  Dude, she deserves a win. Duh, winning. Let us know your thoughts by heading over to the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page.

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