Here’s our discussion of Bikini Basketball and some other (mostly bikini-related) sports that could fill in for football this season.

Things are not lookin’ good for the upcoming NFL season.  The players rejected the owners latest collective bargaining agreement, disbanded as a union, and have decided to sue the team owners.  The owners have locked out the players, and if no agreement can be reached soon, there’s going to be a lockout for the 2011/12 season.  If this is the case, what sport should step up and fill the football-sized void? Jeff is dead set on the rise of the BBL, or bikini basketball league. It’s a two-on-two, six team (12 player total) league of complete babes that’s supposed to be getting started soon and be extremely interactive. We also wouldn’t mind bikini curling! What do you think should take over? Let us know by heading over to the Jeff and Jeremy Facebook page!

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