Match.com is going to start screening it’s applicants to see if they are sexual predators… after 16 years of business.

Match announced that they’re going to start cross-referencing their database of members with the national sex offender registry. They didn’t say how they’ll handle it if a sex offender registers with Match under a fake name.  But based on how long it took them just to take THIS step toward protecting their members, I wouldn’t bet on them digging all that deep. A Match spokeswoman said that they’ve been considering doing these screenings for years but, quote, “their historical unreliability has always led us to conclude against it.”

She also says that Match had finally decided to start running deeper background checks and banning sex offenders . . . but their timetable got sped up last week.

Last week, a woman from Los Angeles SUED Match.com . . . after she was sexually assaulted on a second date with a man she met on the site. She said the assault could’ve been prevented if Match had screened the man, because he was a registered sex offender.

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