Jeremy thinks it’s not that big of a deal, Jeff thinks it has outlasting effects beyond just pumping $1.50 into the Meter.

The city says it’s parking revenue have decreased… despite the fact that the rates have gone up???? last nights vote is all highlighted in the tribune’s article here

Believe it or not this is the excuse the Downtown Association is giving for this.

“parking is currently free on Sundays, downtown employees take advantage of unmetered parking and occupy much of it, depriving shoppers and guests of those spaces,” wrote Deborah Cash, executive director of the Downtown Association in a memo to the council.

Looks like that argument was more than enough as the city council overwhelmingly voted to do away with free parking on Sundays!

Here is an interesting argument that the city council may have overlooked in this one.

Several religious leaders also argued that many of the thousands of churchgoers who attend morning services downtown would be less inclined to stay there for lunch or shopping after services if forced to pay.

Old Mission Church asked that the council not charge for Sunday parking at all.

“Though unintended by design, anything less amounts to an indirect tax upon the ability of local citizens to worship freely,” the Rev. Russell Brown wrote.

Yet the SLO City Council had no problem overlooking this for the sake of revenue! VOTE TOTAL WAS 5-0!

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