What name sake gets the most action??? It’s not Roethlisberger!  Would you believe Francis is taking the cake? or Crepe?

A dating website called SmartDate.com just ran a survey of more than 19,000 men to figure out which FIRST NAMES are connected to having the most SEXUAL RELATIONS. And they actually have an answer..

–The name that was connected to the most sexual partners is . . . Francis. That’s right, Francis. Not Frank. Frank actually comes up at the other end of the spectrum. The average Francis had 11.3 sexual partners, the highest of any name.

–For what it’s worth, according to the Social Security Administration, Francis was the 680th most popular boys’ name in 2009.

–The top 10 names that get the most action are: Francis, Charles, Chris, Davis, Luke, Tom, James, Marcus, Jack, and Thomas.

–As for the name tied to the fewest sexual partners, that unlucky name is . . . Edward. (–Yes, even with all of the girls walking around with “Team Edward” shirts. For no real-life Edward can match the raw, pale magnetism of Robert Pattinson.)

–If your name wasn’t on either of those lists, the average across the survey was 5.2 sexual partners.


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