There are SO many great High School Coming-of -Age movies out there! And we want to know what’s the BEST?! Some classics got cut early from the list! Stand By Me, Sixteen Candles, and Porky’s are out! See what made the final list and vote now by clicking here!

"What ever happen to that guy who played Jeff Spicoli?" -- Jeremy West

Didn’t he save a surfer from drowning and use the reward money to hire Van Halen to play his birthday party?


In honor of their 30th anniversary, the British music magazine “Kerrang!” has conducted a poll to find The Most Influential Rock Bands of the Last 30 Years . . .

so that’s dating back to 1981.  Here’s the Top 5, as voted by “Kerrang’s” readers.

1.)  Metallica

2.)  Green Day

3.)  Iron Maiden

4.)  Slipknot

5.)  My Chemical Romance

NO MENTION of  Nirvana, Pearl Jam, or Aerosmith…

But, as always, you must consider the source when you are given this kind of info!