First it was the Tattoo known as the Tramp Stamp (which we absolutely love) now it’s piercings. If a girl has a piercing does it mean she is more promiscuous? Research below says it does.

For years and years we’ve said there are two main signs a lady is a little on the loose side:  TATTOOS and SMOKING.  We now officially have a third entry on that list. According to a wonderful study out of Texas Tech University, there’s a statistically significant connection between a woman’s promiscuity and . . . BODY PIERCINGS. In the study, researchers found that women who had piercings anywhere besides their ears reported, quote, “substantively and significantly greater frequency of sexual activity” than women without body piercings. The researchers say there was no connection between men with body piercings and their number of sexual partners.

The results are in and the Sluttiest piercing is….

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