As we told you last week. It Looks as if though Kim Kardashian, maybe keeping her name after all.

Now it looks as if Kim was just having phone sex… not the real thing. So all is well in the Happy Humphries household! Right?

New England Patriots safety BRET LOCKETT has kind of amended his description of his supposed relationship with KIM KARDASHIAN. On CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” this weekend, Lockett admitted that he and Kim have NEVER MET FACE-TO-FACE. But he maintains that they had a PHYSICAL relationship . . . because Kim was doing naughty things to herself while talking to him on the phone.  He said, quote, “I’ve said before that it was a physical relationship. “But when I mean ‘physical’ I say that meaning there was a physical aspect in the relationship, meaning that, I don’t really want to get into the details, but she did tell me that she was, you know, touching herself in a physical way over the phone towards me.” Lockett claims the relationship started when actress LAUREN LONDON . . . who’s a friend of Kim’s . . . asked for his number on Kim’s behalf.  Ten minutes after he gave Lauren his digits, he got a call from Kim. Lockett is ignoring Kim’s legal threats to SHUT HIS STINKIN’ TRAP, saying that he’s telling the truth and has phone records, texts and pictures to prove it.

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