Jeremy shared some info about what it takes to improve a womans libido… Which just so happens to be good for the local economy… Jeff was a bit skeptic citing last weeks Piercing disccusion as a source for his argument.

According to a study out of Italy, drinking RED WINE increases a woman’s, quote, “sexual appetite.” And no, not just because she’s drunk. Doctors at the University of Florence tested three groups of sexually healthy women ages 18 to 50.  One group drank one to two glasses of red wine a day, one group drank a few glasses a week, and one completely abstained from red wine. In the end, the women who drank red wine daily reported higher sexual appetites and improved sexual performance. The doctors think it could be because certain chemical compounds in red wine increase blood flow . . . including blood flow to the naughty parts . . . which helps a woman get turned on quicker and enjoy sex more.

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