Let the copycat Marines begin…

Remember when we all said there would be a lot of copycats when Sgt. Scott Moore asked out Mila Kunis… Here is the latest in a long line of Semper-Fi originality! HOO-RAH!


This is getting ridiculous…


Austin from Grover won tickets to Steve Miller, and Cheeba admitted to slackin off on the job!

According to a recent Harris survey, a majority of Americans (64 percent) who are online are watching online videos at work. What are they watching?



  • News clips 25%
  • Viral videos 15%
  • Videos posted on social networking sites 12%
  • Sports events/sports clips 11%
  • Television shows 9%
  • Full-length feature films 4%
  • Other online videos 3%
  • Pornography 3%

Police approached 36-year-old David Warner as soon as the demolition derby ended at County fair Wednesday night… That is when things got interesting!

When he got out of his car to get his trophy, David appeared to stumble, and officials and spectators told police he seemed drunk. David admitted he’d pounded several Bud Lights before the competition to loosen up, but he denies that he was drunk. His defense needs a little work, though. He told a local news reporter, “I had eight beers . . . That’s it!” Police tried to give David a sobriety test, but he wasn’t cooperative. He refused a breathalyzer and said, quote, “I ain’t blowin’ in that (bleeping) tube, so you can shove it up your (backside).”

….David was arrested and charged with DUI.

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