AHHH! Fake love for the camera’s is sweet isn’t it?

The latest iteration of the Kardashian reality TV franchise, “Kourtney and Kim Take New York,” is scheduled to start its second season Nov. 27 with Kardashian’s marriage as a focal point. An E! representative told ABCNews.com that executives are meeting today to discuss how to proceed now that Humphries is out of the picture.

This morning we decided to find out who had the most short lived marriage on the Central Coast. We figured it would provide us with some more interesting story lines than what “REALITY” TV could provide us with… and boy, were we right. (take notes Seacrest)


Steve set the bar at 24 years, come to find out he was living with his wife as a “Roommate” for the last five of it.

Then Rick tried to end his marriage after 20 years and 5 mos, just to win a weekend at the Chumash.

Trish found out her husband was cheating on her after 18 years of marriage with her best friend, by checking his cell phone records.

Craig ended it after she threw things at him for 5 years.

Mike’s wife spent all his money after 3 years and 5 months.

Anonymous ended it just shy of two years after getting married for the baby didn’t seem like such a good idea.

Faye left an abusive relationship after a year and a half.

Sara left her husband of 9 months after finding out he spent 6 years in prison for manslaughter

Jessica found out her husband was cheating on her two weeks after they got married.

Jasons wife walked out on him three hours after they were married to persue a career as a car thief and a prostitute. NEEDLESS TO SAY HE WAS THE WINNER!










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