A Lingerie shop in Sweden is under fire for making their employees wear name tags that also predominately display their cup size on them… This is okay with Jeff and Jeremy, but doesn’t fly with the female contingency in the office!

The policy, currently in place at the Swedish branch of the Scandinavian company, was introduced three years ago in order to help customers figure out what bra size might be best for them. Susann Haglund, CEO of Change, told Swedish newspaper The Local:

“I don’t get why this would be seen as demeaning in any way. I am sure there are those that feel that way, but it is completely voluntary to wear a name tag with your cup size.”

But a Change employee begged to differ, telling Sweden’s Sveriges Radio AB, “When you start [working at Change], you receive a document which states that ‘name tag with size is always worn,’ so to me that doesn’t reflect that it was voluntary.”

Jamie has no problem with the Lingerie letter Identifier… If she ever falls on tough times here, there maybe a job awaiting her in Sweden.


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