Click the play button to find out where the term Hit em Up Blackjack came from.

To find out what we couldn’t talk about on the air, watch the video below (the good part kicks in at about 3:45). Gee Wonder why he was murdered? WARNING NOT FOR SENSITIVE EARS, AND YOU PROBABLY DON’T WANT TO PLAY THIS WHEN THE KIDS ARE IN THE ROOM.

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  1. Well well well, I see why! Ahem!

  2. Under yay cloud on the left here some of these lines when read together are hilarious! The way my phone puts them together… lol
    Alcohol baseball
    Dumbass economy
    Rock kids Kim Kardashian
    Lindsey Lohan marijuana marriage
    Tailgating Tiger Woods two
    Half men weed weight loss. lol

  3. HAHAHA. Absolutely love this!