Follow along with what the nation thinks about Kurt's comments at TMZ!

If you missed it this morning the ex MTV News anchor told us what he thought about the state of movies, what he would be covering if he still worked at MTV, and his feelings on Michael Jackson.

Here is his feelings on just Michael Jackson, and why he didn’t care much about the Conrad Murray verdict

After talking with Kurt Loder, Jeff realizes the reason why he was secretly rooting for Conrad Murray in the Michael Jackson trial.

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  1. I am writing to express my displeasure in the comment that Kurt Loder made about Michael Jackson. First, Kurt Loder has never liked Michael Jackson and always wanted Madonna to rule MTV. That has always been clear even before MJ was wrongly accused. Jason was given a settlement (and Jordan Chandler) but at the 2005 criminal trial, Jason was exposed for the liar he was and his mother sold her story to the tabloid show Hard Copy and it was not until later this tickled claim was made (even at the 2005, some of the jurors laughed at his claim). Two grand jurors threw the 1993 case out. 5 body guards LIED on MJ and they were sued and had to pay MJ 2 million dollars. Victor V who wrote a book on MJ was sued and had to pay MJ millions and his book was banned in AMerica. Jordan CHandler was asked to come to the 2005 trial but he threaten to sue the DA. On the stand, JOrdan Chandler mother helped the Defense more than she did the DA and it was clear she did not think MJ molested Jordan. In private, Jordan has denied he was ever molested by MJ and said his father put him up to do it. There was even a female witness who was willing to come to court in 2005. As for the settlements back in 1993, IT WAS JOHNNIE COCHRAN who told MJ it would be best for him to settle and it was the INSURANCE COMPANY who gave the amount and who paid most of the money over the years. MJ had a tour making over 100 million and everyone including Latoya Jackson who later ADMITTED her lies due to Jack GOrdon beating her, were coming out with lies on MJ in order to make money. Kurt Loder is an idoit. Also, MJ had sleep overs (this was NOT done as much but when it was done the PARENTS were also in the room. MJ’s room was big) and everyone was in his room. MJ ADMITTED he slept on the FLOOR and again, the PARENTS ALSo were in the room and GIRLS were also in his room. I do not know why some people like Kurt Loder do not tell all the truth. Michael was investigated by the FBI, LAPD, Santa Barbara Police Dept, Children Services, etc and they had NOTHING and other boys and even girls wanted to testify for MJ. In the 2005 case, it was clear that the Arvizos were thieves and con-artists and that was the reason that jury came back with the verdict. They lied on George Lopez and tried to get Chris Tucker. This is wrong for Michael to be dead and to have someone like Kurt Loder say what he said about MJ. I bet if MJ was alive, Kurt would have NEVER called MJ a child abuser because Kurt know MJ would have sued him for slander. Jeff and Jeremy, I wish you would do you own research and talk to people who are UNBIAS and have NOTHING to gain and who was at the trial and know the details of the cases both 1993 and 2005. Also the father of Jordan Chandler tried to sue MJ again in 1999 but it was thrown out. If your child was really abused, why was Chandler doing all this suing and still wanted to do a song with MJ? Kurt is just as stupid as Gene Simmons (Gene Simmons lied on MJ being a child abuser YET Gene was also willing to be at MJ’s tribute until the fans protest him being there). There is so much to these cases and I hope you do your own research in knowing the TRUTh. Michael Jackson was SET UP and Kurt Loder should shut up. Maybe Kurt will molest a child if a child goes into his room but that was not the case with MJ.

  2. Kurt is an jerk and have always disliked Michael because Michael was better than Madonna and broke the racial barrier on MTV. So Kurt is going to grab at anything to belittle MJ. Beside, Michael was under investigation from the FBI, LAPD, Santa Barbara, and Child Service and they all found NOTHING and a jury found MJ to be innocent and the accusers to be liars. Kurt is talking trash now because MJ is not here to sue him for slander. And Jeff, you sound stupid. You are going to root for a man (Murray) to kill a man (Michael) on an issue that YOU know nothing about based on FACTS in Michael’s case; and YOU Jeff is going to base your hate towards MJ based on people’s claims who you do not know their creditability. YOu sound like one of the same idoits who believe in “ballon boy” story. WOW. Remember, life is funny. YOu and your family may get a “Conrad Murray” in your lives.