Here are all the Prizes she won!






















Here are all the questions Mandy was able to answer!

Question 1 As a result of a lost Superbowl bet, what member of Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning had to make out with Jeremy’s Bulldog Tank? Brett The Intern

Question 2: Both the 2009 and 2010 Hottest News chicks on the Central Coast left the area to work in other cities. What were their names and what cities do they now work in? Daniele Lerner, Tucson and Katie Marzullo, San Francisco?

Question #3: The pool scene in the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life was filmed in what California High School? Beverly Hills High (The Basketball Court is built over the Pool)

Question # 4 How tall is Jeremy’s Christmas Tree? Nine and a half feet

Question #5: What band was the last band to perform live on Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning? Telstar

Question #6 Kevin Cotter created the website my-ex-wifes-wedding-dress-dot-com he found 101 uses for his ex wifes wedding dress. Name two of them. Foot rest, and Gas Cap

Question #7 What did the Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning show make it on TMZ for this year? Kurt Loders comments about Michael Jackson

Question #8 What California City may impose a mandatory 25% tip in it’s fine dining restaurants? San Francisco

Question #9 Local Author CJ Silas had the forward in her book “No Girls Allowed”  written by what former UCLA coach? Rick Nueheisel

Question #10: What Celebrity did KZOZ listeners say they wanted to see as President of the United States? Matt Damon

Question 11: Two different Celebrities were in attendance for the Kid Rock Show at the California Mid State Fair this year. Who were they? Randy Johnson and Ron Jeremy

Question 12: The bear that was killed in SLO this year was given a name by the Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning Show… What was that name? Flava Bear!



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