Nadia Suleman is Bats*it crazy. She has a new show on ustream on Sunday nights. Let’s hope she can remain focused!

Hey at least she gets to stay in her home!

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  1. Fulla Bulla. Ridiculous “double transfer” story. Batshit crazy, yep. Waste of air time.

  2. Did she say which school she got her Master’s at? I’m still trying to figure out how the heck her mom is a holocaust survivor if her mom wasn’t even born yet.

  3. If she was sooooo shy, how the heck did she manage to do the fetish video with her, Tattoo and the camera people? OMG! She calls THAT shy?

  4. That is one effed up beotch. She was a no show on her big Ustream debut on 12/18 and I bet she will be a no show on the rest. She doesn’t get paid for this unless it generates enormous ad revenues and I can’t see anyone wanting to be associated with her and her special brand of crazy. Poor kids.

  5. The media didn’t feed any lies. She just likes to backtrack and spin her lies. For instance, she said she never gave an interview to In Touch magazine where she said she hated babies and then backpeddled after they came out with the audio saying they didn’t out-right ask her that question. She admits to having 12 embryos implanted and then backpeddles and goes back to her original story of the 6 being implanted and 2 split. You’re right… she’s BAT-SH!T CRAZY!!!

  6. Why bother with this drama queen/ attention whore? She purposely implanted 12 embryos so that she would have a little. Evil woman. The babies don’t even talk yet, and they are almost three. Explain why they are so developmentally disabled?

  7. You guys are right, Natalie Doud is completely insane. She has a narcissistic personality disorder, sociopathic tendencies in addition to she is a pathological liar. Sound familiar Casey Anthony?

  8. You said it all, Octomom is batshit crazy! You guys were hilarious. She actually believes her own b.s. The only Master’s she could obtain is being a master at making people uncomfortable & disgusted, & streching her 15mins. of fame way, way too long. I’m just hoping she’ll take the hint soon, nobody wants to hear anything she has to say, other than the 3 or 4 token bleeding hearts. I seriously feel sorry for those kids, man I really do.

  9. That should be “She purposely implanted 12 embryos so that she would have a litter.”

  10. You guys were hilarious trying to talk to Octomom and trying to decipher what she was saying. (she keeps pumping out the same spiel but it’s full of lies/holes) By now you probably have already been corrected about her “premier” of pewstream 12/18 but she was a “no-show” that night and now she thinks the masses will be tuning in Christmas night. Her manager lied to TMZ about there being a production company behind her paying six figures (probably just to get all the hype/press interested but she admitted on Drew Pinskys show she was anticipating income from ads and sponsors). The list of her lies is endless. She is one sick mutha!