Delonte went stark raving mad in a Twitter rant the other night where he said he was banned from the White House… The Secret Service knows nothing of said ban!

Here is a Link to what he ranted about after making the White House Comments… Better get comfortable living out of your car!


Jeff is the “Regular season Champion” does that mean that he deserves a cookie?

That’s not that important… What is, is the standings in the “Panel of Not-So Experts” picks through the first round! Here is how they sit!

  1. Mike (from the House of Bagels Central Coast) 12 pts
  2. Josh (Chronic Cellars) 12pts
  3. Jeremy (KZOZ) 8pts
  4. Jake (Chronic Cellars) 8pts
  5. Bro-Man (Takkens of Paso Robles) 8pts
  6. Jeff (Panel of Not-so Experts reqular season champion) 4pts

… At least in San Luis Obispo. This gentleman counted 30 plastic bags on the side of the road on the way in to work this morning, and he thinks something needs to be done about it.

… But we feel “The Plastic Bag Ban” ends up unecessarily subsidizing big business through policy then passes the cost on to the tax payers.

Agree or disagree… at least one good thing came out of this mornings conversation. We all proved that we can count to 30 if we need to!

Stephen Joseph of www.savetheplasticbag.com is going to join us tomorrow at 8 to tell us some of the myths his organization has done some investigating into.