Going into the Super Bowl here is how it breaks down in the Panel Of Not So Experts!

1st Place: Bro-Man Takkens shoes of Paso Robles 36 pts.

2nd Place: Jake from Chronic Cellars and Mike from House of Bagels Central Coast 32 pts.

3rd Place: Josh from Chronic Cellars 28 pts.

4th Place: Jeff (Regular season Champion in the Panel of Not So Experts) 20 pts.

5th Place: Jeremy “obviously From the band Beck” :) 16 pts.

┬áMark McGarvey of Atascadero is the new Leader in the Red Zone Challenge! He picked both games right and is in first place by one point! That means there are still over 100 people who are still in the running for first place! Don’t forget to make your picks before kickoff on the 5th!