Jeff puts his foot in his mouth when he says Soldering your wedding rings is trashy… Maybe it will help him say “soldering” better?

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  1. Man, I wanted to call in this morning so bad to help you guys out, but I was on my way into work : ( I am engaged, and I have been asked by many married women what I was going to decided to do with my rings. It seems like it’s merely a preference of the woman. Some say to solder it to keep the rings in place instead of sliding from side to side, or from pinching. Some say to keep them separate because the engagement ring tends to snag and get in the way, so they just wear their bands and only add the engagement ring when they are going out. In my case, my rings are my mother’s passed down to me, and due to their delicate condition, I must solder them, but I’m not objected to it, I would want to have them together. There are pros and cons to either way and It seems like either is nor trashy or more sophisticated, just a depends on what the woman is comfortable with.