Nickelback fans beware! This morning Jon issued a challenge. If we are able to reach our goal of $1,000 for Boys and Girls club, then we would have to Ban Nickelback between the hours of 6am and 10 am.

After one day of less than stellar results in the Fundraising department Jon looks to sweeten the pot!

While this may seem unfair to fans of overplayed Canadian Rock. It does help out a great cause… Dilemma indeed. What do you think? Should we ban Nickelback as an added incentive to raise money?

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  1. Best idea ever! I inwardly cringe every time I am trying to enjoy Jeff and Jeremy and Nickleback starts playing.

  2. I am considering NOT listening to KZOZ for a year if Nickleback is not played. It is the all-time best band ever! I can listen to them in continuous play all day.

  3. No Worries Nancy! It will just be between 6-10am monday through Friday… We still will play them the rest of the time.