The Hole in the sky opened up just enough to get them into the competition! Be sure to vote at the link below, Small business of the year will be picked on Tuesday Morning!

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  1. Hole in the sky has been on the central coast for as long as I can remember, they carry cool neat different items you can’t find anywhere else, and they have come up on a lot of competition with all these smoke shops that are under selling them price wise, so they struggle to keep up, the staff are always friendly and explain everything with a smile, i hope they win small business of the week !

  2. I vote Las Cambritis! Besides having great food. They have a dog friendly patio outside that has live bands on Sundays. The place gets packed and it’s tons of fun! The staff is the best! They treat you like family!

  3. I’m Jeff from Clearwater! This is the place I hang out at when I’m visiting Cambria. Great food, drinks, and staff!

  4. Las Cambritis!

  5. I’m a service dog. I love Las Cambritis! My mom takes me on Sunday because she likes the live music on the patio. I can tell when we’re almost there and I get very excited! I also like it because there’s lots of other dogs hanging around. The staff is very friendly to us!


  7. I LIKE IT

  8. Las Cambritis

  9. They both ROCK!!!!

  10. I’m not sure if I voted or not. If not, Las Cambritis!

  11. I vote Las Cambritis! Good food, drinks, staff!

  12. Colby Jack Cafe IS AWESOME! I go there everytime I am in Atascadero! The food is absolutely spectacular and the atmosphere in the restaurant is very warm and inviting….not to mention the pastries…good gravy I would have them shipped to me daily if I could!

  13. Colby Jack’s Restaurant and Bakery is the best in town…