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  1. The Mavericks are a GRAMMY winning Alt Country band (if we have to categorize them) That categorization doesn’t really do them justice because they will play everything from rock n roll to country, to latin music. Their live shows are very HIGH ENERGY and SO MUCH FUN! NOT TO BE MISSED. The Mavericks will ROCK the Grandstand Arena on July 21st!!! People are coming from all over the state of California to see this show. They have a very rabid following.

    FYI – Raul Malo is the lead singer of The Mavericks and he has played the California Mid-State Fair twice (2006 and 2008), He’s played the Templeton Performing Arts Center twice (2007, 2010) and the Clark Center in Arroyo Grande (2009). Where have you guys been?

  2. Mavericks…any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I saw their reunion show recently at Stagecoach. It was INCREDIBLE!!!

  3. You haven’t heard of the Mavericks because they had been broken up since 2003, and only reformed again this year so this is sort of a comeback for them. They had fantastic hits during their original run and their vocalist is by critical consensus one of the greatest ever in country/alt country music. On top of which they are a terrifically entertaining high-energy barband-type show that can also shatter you with a slow romantic number. Obviously Kenny Wayne is a fantastic guitarist but at this point getting to see the Mavericks is a rarity and something special.

  4. If you havent hear the MAVERICKS new song “Born To Be Blue”, you are out of touch with QUALITY music….Raul Malo, lead singer of the Mavericks, is probably the best singer of any gerne alive today. Most people havent hear of Raul, as he is a Maverick in his own right. Never was a follower of the established, straightjacket music (demanded by the establishment)…enough said, just listen and judge for yourself

  5. You haven’t heard of the Mavericks — really? They were CMA group of the year in 1995 and 1996. They won a grammy in 1996. Their music has been used in many movies. Their live shows are phenomenal. They have a new EP out called “Suited Up and Ready” and a new single, “Born to Be Blue.” I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with their music.

  6. Definitely The Mavericks. Their sound is incomparable. No other voice today matches the power, beauty and versatility of their lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Raul Malo. He is THE VOICE. The rest of the band…fantastic as well. Eddie Perez is so energetic and talented. Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin, Jerry Dale McFadden and Michael Guerra…all so talented individually and a powerhouse when they come together. Listen to The Mavericks…listen to their new EP Suited Up And Ready…there is not a loser in the bunch.

  7. Hell I bet Kenny Wayne would rather go see The Mavericks!

  8. Gentlemen – I highly suggest you do yourselves a favor and familiarize yourselves with the Mavericks. “All You Ever do is Bring Me Down”, “Oh, What a Crying Shame”, “Oh, What a Thrill”, “Here Comes the Rain”… nothing?? It’s a shame you missed them the first time around, but this genre-defying, award winning, “street cred” band is back, and we’re all the better for it. I can’t believe your station doesn’t have a copy of their new single, Born to be Blue, and that you’re not playing it. If you end up not liking their stuff, that’s fine (crazy, but fine), but if you do, use your powers for good, and play the hell out of the single (new full CD due in Sept), and bring some awesome music to your listeners!

  9. It’s the Mavericks hands down. I’m traveling from San Diego just for this show. Their new EP “Suited Up and Ready” is just the precursor to an amazing album soon to be released. Be cool and get your listening ears on.

  10. I echo the others’ comments above–having The Mavericks perform at this venue is a coup! Their new EP “Suited Up and Ready” is fabulous and their single “Born to be Blue” is fantastic. Lead singer Raul Malo has a voice that is incomparable and has recorded several successful albums on his own. He and the original members of The Mavericks have reunited this year to tour and have recorded a new album to be released in September. Their shows are high energy and worth every moment. Certainly not to be missed at all!

  11. Kenny Wayne Shepherd? No offense to the guy, but if I wanted to hear Stevie Ray Vaughn recycled, I’d listen to Jonny Lang, in fact I thought they were the same person for the longest time! Let me tell you something the Mavericks are one of the best bands in any genre playing music today and they do it all; country, rock, latin, EVERYTHING! Completely original and one of a kind these guys bring the party. I have never had more fun at any show than a Mavericks show. And besides that some of the nicest guys in the business.

  12. The Mavericks are just sensational… here in Europe[e we haven’#t seen them for nearly ten years but you just wait till they come on tour – they will be sold out every night, standing room only! They are more than just any genre or category that you might want to squeeze them – they defy being squeezed into anything! Raul Malo, the lead singer and genius has probably the best voice in the world today… I actually do mean that. His range, the quality of tone, the clarity of sound… I could go on but no doubt you get the idea. Anyone lucky enough to have caught Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin either in the Mavs or with Kevin Montgomery will have experienced a treat – rhythm, wit, rhythm, talent, rhythm… Eddie Perez, a guitar genius, Jerry Dale McFadden… unique, the only word to describe him, unique!

  13. If you don’t give the Mavericks a listen, you will be missing a great opportnity! They are fantastic musicians, the music is rocking, and Raul Malo’s voice is to die for! Get out there and enjoy!

  14. If you don’t give the Mavericks a listen, you will be missing a great opportunity! They are fantastic musicians, the music is rocking, and Raul Malo’s voice is to die for! Get out there and enjoy!

  15. Mavericks all the way! No musician today comes close to Raul Malo’s incredible voice and talent, along with the rest of the equally talented band members. One of the rare singers/bands that sounds even better live than recorded. Their live shows are like no others…incredible high octane pure enjoyment! Do yourselves a favor and check out the EP “Suited Up And Ready”. Then check out The Mavericks albums from the 90’s and Raul’s solo work as well. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

  16. The Mavericks are awesome! Go see their show, you won’t regret it. In the late 90’s, they sold out the Royal Albert Hall on several consecutive nights. Youtube “Dance The Night Away” and “All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down”, those are two of their bigger songs. “Here Comes The Rain” won them a grammy. Raul Malo (lead singer) has one of the greatest voices of any entertainer ever. They broke up in 2003, not without hard feelings and a reunion was thought to never probably happen. Hell froze over and here they are and better than ever. You should check out some of the new music. Go to their show, you WILL enjoy it, I promise.

  17. Although I don’t understand all of your conversation about this upcoming event – it seems that my English is not good enough for your unintelligible crosstalk – I can tell you that I even fly from Germany to Texas or Tennesee to see a show of The Mavericks or their ‘VOICE’ , Raul Malo! And I can assure you that they are worth every minute of these 12-16hrs trips and every Cent I spend for. Just check out the introduction video of their website…it says more than 1.000 words…and broaden your horizon. http://www.themavericksband.com/welcome.html
    Kind regards from Europe

  18. Here’s a little blurb about the Mavericks:

    Forget the Grammys, the CMA and ACM Awards for prestigious things like Vocal Group and Album of the Year. Never mind the sold out shows in England’s Royal Albert Hall or taking country to places the genre had never been. With a Cuban-American lead singer, garage band ferocity, an intense live show and a deep love of both romance and pure country to go with the polyrhythmic beats the Mavericks were raised on, they were unlikely superstars. Yet, the Mavericks distilled country’s essences, bulked them up with a big, raucous sound, then broke ground for the format that saw people from all walks of life, many cultures and some surprising places lining up for hits like “Here Comes The Rain,” “Crying Shame,” “Dance The Night Away” and “All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down.”

    Twenty years later, the little band that could returns, more soulful and innovative than ever. Again drawing on myriad influences – from Buck Owens’ tonk to Roy Orbison’s heartbreak, Ravel’s eroticism to Buena Vista Social Club’s infectious rhythms, Patsy Cline’s brazen emotion and that little “Mavericks’ magic.” For their first sessions in almost a decade, it was spontaneous combustion; literally, the band falling into step with the euphoria they were known for. And they built quite an album from there. The Mavericks will release an album on the Valory Music Co. later this fall while a five-song EP titled SUITED UP AND READY becomes available digitally on May 29. The EP will include the band’s first single, “Born To Be Blue.”

  19. WOW, guys, you’ve gotta go see the Mavericks. I’ve loved them for 20+ years, you will not be disappointed. I went to Nashville in April to see them, they were unbelievable. Trust me, see them and then tell us what you think!

  20. You had to google The Mavericks? Really? They’ve also been on The Grand Ole Opry a few times. They’ve recorded stuff with Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood, Carl Perkins, etc…. and are in multiple movie soundtracks…. Michael, The Horse Whisperer, Apolo 13, From Dusk Til Dawn, Hope Floats, to name a few. Go see them, I dare you.

  21. They have some amazing music and vocals. Haven’t even heard of Kenny Wayne Shepard.

  22. I for one will be coming up from So. Cal. just for The Mavericks! You two must still be youngsters in the country music world if you don’t know who The Mavericks are. Do your homework guys! Blend some good ole country with rock n roll, add a little Latino spice, a nice touch of romance, add to that lead singer Raul Malo’s beautiful, romantic, rockin’ superb vocals, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a recipe for some dang good smokin’ country music called “The Mavericks”!!

  23. The Mavericks any day of the week you will not be dissapointed THEY ROCK

  24. Guys do you really need to be so nasty or maybe as a Brit i’m not getting American humour. Mavericks are not only amazing musicians but also one of the most versatile bands and if you really haven’t heard of them then really your not in a position to make any judgments and so your opinion has no value. You also need to sort out your IT if your Google search was so unproductive.

  25. You folks, that haven’t heard, are going to be amazed simply out of your socks. Enjoy what is coming your way. You will never forget it. The Mavericks

  26. You folks, that haven’t heard, are going to be amazed simply out of your socks. Enjoy what is coming your way. You will never forget The Mavericks!

  27. With the Internet at our fingertips, one has to work really hard to be ignorant. To broadcast that ignorance over the air waves is just being, well, a dumbass. “Googling” for The Mavericks songs would produce the following songs – Jeff and Jeremy might be surprised that there is still really good music to listen to which is more than I can say for the garbage that seems to be played over and over on most radio stations these days: “O What A Thrill”, “Pretend”, “Every Little Thing About You”, “Fool #1”, “Blue Moon”, “Missing You”, “Here Comes the Rain”, “In My Dreams”, “Neon Blue”, “Dance the Night Away”, “This Broken Heart”, “Things I Cannot Change”, “I Want to Know”, “ Tell Me Why” , There Goes My Heart”, What A Crying Shame” – I could go on for quite awhile but you can see that The Mavericks have released a huge collection of work – give it a listen sometime.

  28. A free show by The Mavericks??!!! Are you kidding me? GET YOUR ASSES DOWN THERE, PEOPLE!!!! You’re so bleeping lucky to get to see them! Send them up to Canada when you’re finished – although when you hear them, you won’t want to let them go!!!!

  29. Hope you guys have better luck Googling yourselves. You’ve somehow missed one of the greatest voices in the known universe, capable of just about any genre, (yeah, he’s done Le Mis), and doesn’t need to be compared with anybody. Hope you get to hear Stardust, or Around the World, but get ready to have your world rocked when they do Come Unto Me. Go have yourselves some fun and get your horizons broadened. It won’t hurt, and you’ll be the better for it.

  30. The Mavericks

    3 ACM Awards
    2 CMA Awards
    1 Grammy
    4 Million records sold

  31. The Mavericks are simply THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!.

    I can’t believe that anyone who has a chance to see them live wouldn’t walk on hot coals to get there. So I say – get thee feet into thee shoes and run – don’t walk – to the nearest Mavericks show. You won’t be disappointed.

    I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years, have seen them live a baker’s dozen times and can’t wait for more! Such a talented group of musicians lead by Raul’s amazing vocals destines them for even more greatness.