General Consensus on the Toddler Ear Piercing Argument has not produced concrete results…



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  1. My Pediatric MD made me wait until my daughter was 6 months old…So after her 6 month check up?? Got them done! She barely made a peep, and now??? She is so grateful she had them done (now age 15) when she couldn’t remember the pain!
    To even compare it to a tattoo is rediculous! 1st reason you have to be 18 (an adult) to be able to get a tattoo and then to have a a needle breaking skin hitting the same place over and over?? It’s like tourture to me (I have a couple) let alone a baby. My pink little baby girl looked even more precious with her pierced ears with tiny little pearls, that also only took a minute at the most to have done, let alone at least 10 minutes to endless hours of gettin a tattoo! : )