David-Lee-RothIs it our faults as the fans that Van Halen is not what they used to be

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  1. David Lee Roth is no longer a “Frontman”… he’s now (and has for quite some time) reached Las Vegas Lounge singer status. When he knew the words remembered when to sing them… he sounded good. Otherwise, it was a pretty poor performance on HIS part. The rest of the band sounded great… though I noticed a few miscues on Alex’s part.

    Sammy Hagar is still a performer, a singer (the man is 60-some-odd years old & can still belt it out like nobody’s business), and a MUSICIAN!!! People forget that Sammy was had a successful solo career before & after VanHalen, and he can keep pace with Eddie on guitar. Don’t believe me? Watch YouTube footage of their Live Without a Net concert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voSiN3j89fs Sammy & Eddie trade off solo’s during the song.

  2. Wrong…eddy needs to recruit Ralph Saenz formally of Atomic Punks…this would be worth the face value of the tickets!

  3. DLR has really never been that good live. To much talking and not enough singing and rockin. What VH needs to do is get rid of DLR, and find a new nitch or groove. How about getting a female singer to front VH. That’s new. I mean EVH did ask Patty Smyth to be the lead singer in the band at one time… Why not now? Find some who can sing, stay in time, and create new music. You won’t know unless you try. I used to be a huge VH fan. But now, it’s really getting old. Like EVH’s guitar solo. I’ve heard way to many times. Time to change Van Halen. Still a fan though… Peace out.