We have been here on the lovely Central Coast since February of 2006. We both wish we were privileged enough to find this place much earlier in our lives! So much to do here and it makes life easy. For those of you who have found us outside of the realms of a radio position known as 93.3, We are located on the Central California Coast halfway betweeen SF and LA just off the 101 freeway. Home to the most beautiful Beaches and People in the world. The Wine here is the best in the world as well, and the lifestyle is unparalled. The two of them do a morning radio show Monday through Friday from 6-10 am.
Jeff is married to his sweetheart Becky and has two little dogs, Molly and Pete. He loves Golf, Surfing and Beer. He lives in Downtown San Luis Obispo and his favorite TV show is definitely The Office, and claims that he’s fortunate to work with not 1 but three Michael Scotts.
Jeremy lives in the only gated community in Grover Beach. He enjoys the finer things in life, like a good glass of Syrah, and a big fatty cigar. He’s married to Charlene his girlfriend of 16 years and has an English Bulldog named Tank.

Jeremy West is the other half of “Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning” on 93.3 KZOZ.  He’s a huge sports fan who loves the outdoors (fishing, camping, and golfing). Jeremy’s an alum of Washington State University (Go Cougs) and has worked in radio for ten years. Now he’s trying to lose weight and fit in with everyone on the Central Coast. Still hasn’t made it to the top of Bishop’s Peak though

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  1. i listen to you guys every morning..i feel like i know you! not in a creepy way though.

  2. Hey guys,
    Heard your season passes never made it to you. I sincerely apologize. They were left at the front desk prior to Opening Day. Let me know what the best way is to get them to you!

  3. Jeff,
    Good to see you ,congrats on the upcoming wedding,talk to you later…


  4. I caught part of your interview with Curtis Greco this morning. Later on, I looked him up and found nothing but his own books and Web page. Not even a Wikipedia page, which he could have written himself. What kind of “foremost authority” is this?

    You can do a lot better! Working in a college town like SLO, why not interview a professor of economics, political science, or even political philosophy instead of J. Random Loudmouth who’s pimpng out his latest book?

  5. Mike G- thank you for leaving your comments about a PARTICULAR POST on our Bio page… Which is usually the last place anyone would look about comments on a PARTICULAR POST. We would think that all your internet prowless with WIKIPEDIA that you would understand where to leave comments.

    That being said what we have discovered in the past is that college professors aren’t always “Interview ready”. Meaning that they are used to following lesson plans and lecturing on those aspects that they are comfortable with for 50 minutes at a time. So they tend to be a little long winded. We really see no difference in somebody who works in the public sector talking with us about an issue as opposed to those who work for a university. Somebody found his information viable enough to publish his books. So he could be considered as “Foremost” as any college professor at Poly. This just happened to be his area of expertise. As for not having his own wiki page??? We don’t know! Maybe he is not the best at marketing himself.

    I’m pretty sure we covered the EXACT SAME THINGS that we would have covered with any POLY prof.

    If you wanted to find out more about him maybe you could have checked the link provided for your convenience at the post! Here it is http://theimperfectmessenger.com/ surprisingly enough you’ll find more than enough material here to teach a quarter long economics/political science/political philosophy class at a state university.

    Thank you for listening
    Jeff and Jeremy

  6. There’s a special place for the kind of show i heard this morning, it’s called AM talk radio. I really don’t want to hear some quack’s right-wing political narrative, hoping i’ll run out and buy his book. I didn’t hear the entire show because i was driving to work, and then working while listening, but everything i heard was anti-government ‘tea party’ rhetoric. Perhaps there was some representation of more moderate, educated views, but i didn’t hear it. Those types of views are often not very entertaining to listen to, so i’m not surprised. Sensationalism, controversy, anger, fear, and frustration are the things that sell in the world of politics, and the guest on your show was out to accomplish that goal and that goal alone. If you want to learn about politics and economics, read a textbook and then make up your own mind. Everything else is someone selling you something.

    anyways, love the show

  7. Love your show. Can you play something from Shooter Jennings.

  8. We posted your interview with Les Stroud on the Bigfoot Authentication site.


    We have verified 59 videos as real Sasquatch. If you are ever starved for an interview we will do one. We are pretty entertaining and very funny too.


  9. Jeff & Jeremy,

    Love listening to you guys down here in Texas over the web every morning. Keep rockin and what ever you play play it loud for this old-timer!
    Miss you guys.


  10. Sherry-

    Could you send this e-mail to jkingman@americangeneralmedia.com


  11. I listen to you two every morning at work….12hrs in a smoke shop and I must say yall start it off great!!! Today I had my head in the cooler for about 20 min:) and I missed what you said about MJ. lol I heard later. EVERYONE I KNOW SAYS THAT!!!! except the one person who came into work while I was on hold to win the contest and swore it was a different answer! Dam “regulars”! Well Thats what I get. (plus for some reason I got really nervous. Better luck next time… maybe I wont hamiliate myself:) anyways. love you guys been listening for as long as I can remember!….
    your biggest fan with short term memory loss,

  12. Thanks for listening Candie! We’re never mad at anyone for not knowing the show!

  13. You guys are seemingly at your very best with the addition of a female co host particularly Suzanne, very sweet.

  14. I think Chaz Bono would make an excellant choice to play to Chief Solomon in a Lifetime Movie! Solomon used to sing at a lot of police functions (memorials) when she was a lot heavier, we knew when the service was over when “the fat lady sang”!

  15. New Campaign song,
    “Vote for Mickey Mouse”
    from singing construction worker from minnesota

  16. NEW song,
    “Where’s the Love for the USA” from singing construction worker from Minnesota

  17. the show this morning was sad. dont know which one is the one that think if linda had won on her own ticket not the ones for the office he should get some money . he should be the dumpass of the day… he acting like the seagulls on finding nemo mine,mine, mine,…. or like some one climbs a tree and get every one apple , but the one that climb the tree has two. he would be the one going ” why you get two”

  18. Her guys, just checking to see if the beer infused ice cream we sent you made it to you folks. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Larry Blackwell
    The Brewers Cow

  19. Hey j and j just want to start by saying I love listening to you guys been listening since 06′ you guys have hooked me up with a lot of contest shwag over the years too. Reason I’m writing is to ask if there was anyway I could talk with you guys about the up coming rigehtti vs st. Joseph alumni football game. Shoot me an email

  20. Your anti-homeless sentiment is appalling. If you are housed up with spare room and complain about homeless people, you ARE part of the “problem”.

  21. It is not an anti-homeless sentiment. It is an Anti-Panhandeling sentiment, and an anti-violence sentiment. Nothing against people who are homeless, in fact our hearts go out to them. It is when they get aggressive and start infringing on people’s rights and privacy that it starts to bug us.

  22. It’s time to update your profile, Mr. Jeff!! :-)

  23. Oh Yeah… Forgot about this corner of Jeff and Jeremy dot com

  24. Jeff, Jeremy and Heather,
    Thanks so much for allowing SLO City Fire Captain Ray Hais and me to come on your show yesterday. You guys were a class act! We took Truck 1 to Farmers’ Market last night, and the volume of people talking with us (positively!) about our service and equipment was record breaking. Also, I caught the Nirvana song as I drove away from your building. Nice! Much thanks… Garret Olson, Deputy Fire Chief (on Twitter at @SLO_City_Fire)

  25. You guys were the best. it was very fun and informative to learn about EVERYTHING SLO fire does for the community

  26. Really? Driving a Saturn is like driving a Go-Kart? I don’t think you have ever driven a REAL (Racing) Kart!
    I think we could change your mind…www.smka.org