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Jeff and Jeremy

Weekdays 6am - 10am

We are Transplants from the Pacific Northwest, but are probably are more native than you. We have rocked the Central Coast since 2006 on the KZOZ Airwaves. The first day we took the air was the day after our beloved Seahawks were robbed by the officials in Super Bowl XL. Talk about starting a new job off on a shaky foot. It became very evident early that the Central Coast was home. This is simply too nice of a place to live. Whether it be Wine, Beach, Wine, Beer, Wine, Concerts, Beer, Golf (With Beer), Wine, Fantasy Football, Beer, Fishing (With Beer), there is just too much to see and do here. We are best friends but couldn't be anymore opposite. Jeff is always hanging with his Family. While Jeremy is big on the Tasting Room circuit and likes to fight over the remote with his wife. The one thing they can agree on is the fact that you are what keeps them going in the mornings. The KZOZ listener is all about having a good time, just like us, Listen Monday thru Friday from 6-10, or Download and Subscribe to the Podcast pretty much anywhere and listen when you like.

Thanks for listening... Unless you don't... if that is the case.

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