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KZOZ93.3 Pet of the Week


Big thanks to Las Tablas Animal Hospital for supporting our Pet of the Week program with Woods Humane Society!

Click here to connect with Las Tablas Animal Hospital!

The pet of the week for the week of September 30th is...


The name is Keese, but I should be known as Superdog, the three-legged-wonder-dog! Determined to not let anything like a missing hind leg slow me down, I like to live my life to the fullest and love nothing more than engaging in play with my people. You might think I'm not as active with three legs, but you would be wrong. I'm pretty dang playful and I enjoy romping around with my humans and exploring teh world around me. Yeah, there will be times where I need a quick breather, but then I'll be up for adventure again. I know my perfect home is out there that I looking for a girl like me where we can explore together and play, but also will be fine snuggling beside you and take it easy. So, could I be the super dog for you!?

Keese is 3 years old, spayed, vaccinated, chipped, and comes with a month of free pet insurance. She is looking for a date to take to the Wiggle Waggle Walk on October 20th!