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Would you accept a free cruise if there was a 33% chance of catching the Norovirus

A norovirus outbreak is forcing a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to return to its port of origin a day early.

The Oasis of the Seas departed Sunday from Port Canaveral, Florida for a seven day Caribbean cruise scheduled to dock in Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico. But as it sailed to Jamaica, hundreds of passengers began feeling sick and experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms. Ultimately, passengers were not allowed to leave the ship when it docked in Jamaica and the cruise line made the decision to sail back to Florida a day early. It will return to port tomorrow (Saturday).

Royal Caribbean says 277 people on board reported being sick. All passengers on board have been promised a full refund. The cruise line will now use the extra day in port to properly disinfect and sanitize the ship. (CBS News)

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