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Podcast 6/28/17 - Roadkill is now something that will be encouraged to eat in some parts of the country, big reunion taking place in A-Town this Saturday, and there are some unwritten rules of boating

June 28th, 2017

0:00 to 9:27 Jeremy is not as impressed by Garth Brooks as the rest of the Central Coast is.

9:27 to 28:52 Roadkill could get you shot at… or provide you with good eats.

28:52 to 35:32 What is the appropriate amount of money to spend on a good pair of Sunglasses?

35:32 to 43:08 Jeremy accuses Jeff of breaking his equipment while he was on vacation.

43:08 to 44:45 Beer on the Central Coast is always better than beer in Mexico

44:45 to 55:37 Axia, Siko and Critiqnue are getting back together for just one night! Check out Tent City on Saturday.

55:37 to 64:39 Phil Jackson gets canned-ish. How would we share Phil Jackson Money… If we had Phil Jackson Money

64:39 to 77:49 Everybody wants to ride in the Boat, but not all want to chip in.

77:49 to 85:20 Seth concurs that boating is expensive and the expense is something that should be shared.

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