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J& J Podcast 5/2 - Legalize Weed... and have teenagers find dumber stuff to do.

May 2nd, 2017

The below excerpt is from the self described "best" TV News station in Denver. They were the ones reporting on this.

Kids are dumb... no matter how you slice it.

DENVER -- A prank making the rounds on social media is catching the attention of the Denver Police Department as officers are investigating after a teen made waves at a local sporting goods store on Saturday.

Police said the apparent prank targeted the Stapleton Bass Pro Shops and its famous aquarium full of fish.

The latest in a series of pranks that have gone viral online encourage people to jump into aquariums from an upper bridge inside most Bass Pro Shops.

“You should have the level of mental development to understand, hey, this is not a good idea,” another customer said.

A teen jumped into the Stapleton location’s tank over the weekend and injured his head, according to police.

A store employee said he saw another teen taking video of the daring jump and that the suspect “cracked his skull on the rocks.”

We scoured the internet to see when this "trend" started taking place and found this.

If you get 50K views a year on a video does it count as "Going Viral"?

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