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PODCAST - Are women more at risk for cardiac arrest, because strangers are reluctant to touch their breasts?

November 14th, 2017

Women are less likely than men to get CPR from a bystander and more likely to die, a new study suggests, and researchers think the reluctance to touch a woman’s chest might be one reason. Only 39% of women suffering cardiac arrest in a public place were given CPR versus 45% of men, and men were 23% more likely to survive. The study involved nearly 20,000 cases in the U.S. “It can be kind of daunting thinking about pushing hard and fast on the center of a woman’s chest” and some people may fear they are hurting her, said the study author. Rescuers also worry about moving a woman’s clothing to get better access, or touching breasts to do CPR. No gender difference was seen in CPR rates for people stricken while at home, where a rescuer is more likely to know the person needing help.

Have you ever had to give someone CPR? Could you if you HAD to?

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