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Jeff and Jeremy Full Show Friday - Celebrities are weird, except Stephen Pearcy and Resilience IPA

November 30th, 2018

Full Show Friday 11/30/19

(0:00) Mel B. is extreme when it comes to Tattoo removal.

(5:15) Ronnie Spector opens up about some weird things that happened while she was married to Phil.

(10:25) When it comes to Christmas Decorations which are more important Inside ones or Outside ones?

(20:31) When dudes include Dogs in photos for their dating profiles is it painfully obvious they are using the dog as a "Sensitivity" Prop?

(27:28) Stephen Pearcy from RATT talks about the future plans of the band and his new solo album which kicks some serious ass, especially for Bond enthusiasts.

(35:39) The best thing to do if you if you want to help Camp Fire victims is to start drinking lots of Resilience IPA from Firestone-Walker and the Collaboration by SLO Brew and Central Coast Brewing starting December 18th. Dustin from Firestone, Brendan from CCB and Steve from SLO Brew all join us to tell us the story behind this great fundraiser set up by Sierra Nevada.

(61:09) Avalon Hamilton makes his first appearance on the show and Haunted hotel rooms at the Kansas City Sheraton.

(68:24) Should You be able to win a prize if your Voicemail Inbox is full?

(73:21) If you are going to sing Bertie Higgins in Karaoke you should probably Drink as much Resilience IPA as possible.

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