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Are we saying the Phone Numbers to fast? #FullShowFriday

November 9th, 2018

Every Friday we bring you our full show, maybe it should be renamed S#!T show Friday... Enjoy.

What do you do when you go on vacation only to find one of your co-workers is staying at the place you are at? (4:25) All is fair in Love and War and trying to win tickets to see Metallica (7:56) The worst gift you can buy anyone who is truly a beer lover (12:52) Is Sean Hannity a JAG and are you ready for Kavanaugh 2.0 (22:39) Which is more effective? Insulting somebody face to face... or in an email? (28:19) Tis the season for Nick Lechey are he and his wife celebrating their birthday's in SLO? (41:39) Tim continues to Market the corner on Metallica, but ends up on the losing end of things. (50:15) The Thousand Oaks shooting from the Perspective of a CHP Officer. (60:36) Chances are not good that Jeremy will have a great birthday. Either are Tiger Woods, Chuck Liddell and WSU (66:53) Matt is Bringing Dad Jokes and Open Mic night to the Broad Street Pub. (71:48) College football will always be better than the NFL for this reason alone (80:41) When you start talking about Todd Rundgren you will always end up at England Dan and John Ford Coley.

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