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Jeff and Jeremy Podcast 5-17 People in your family you resent, Taco Bell, American Idol sux, Bald is Beautiful AND Powerful, and RSVP to a 4 year old’s birthday.

May 17th, 2017

0:00 to 7:52 Jeff is growing resentful towards his daughter and her ability to sleep extended periods of time

7:52 to 16:09 While Taco Bell doesn’t work for Florida Police it may do the trick for us.

16:09 to 21:19 When does summer officially begin for you?

22:13 to 35:42 American Idol does a better job picking it’s nose than it does picking their judges. So we gave the power to the listeners.

35:46 to 41:11 Who knew that bald was the pathway to success.

41:11 to 58:55 Jeff Stulberg talks about the power of Bald Attorney, if fictional objections in court match the count of real objections, and what MJ legalisation means for Grovier Beach.

58:55 to 70:39 The Paso Wine Alliance is in and we are not making employee relations very easy before their biggest weekend of the year.

70:39 to 74:05 When Kids Birthday Parties get out of hand it means some people are going to have to go hungry... Sorry Grandma and Grandpa.

74:05 to 79:02 Everybody has their different therapies when it comes to relaxation techniques. Ours are just dorkier than yours.

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