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Jeff and Jeremy Podcast June 29, Tim Tebow has the Tattoo guns on the Central Coast firing up… Is a pets death a valid reason to call in sick? And crows are not to be messed with up north

June 29th, 2017

0:00 to 7:13 Jeff seems like he is looking forward to spending time in the car with his family today.

7:13 to 15:05 Vancouver Crow terrorizes neighborhood and stops mail service for two months.

15:05 to 22:00 Jeff is bustin' Jeremy's Balls about the time share.

22:00 to 26:26 If she has a piercing (here) she must be kinky.

26:26 to 47:27 If the Pet is sick or dies, is that good reason to call in sick?

47:27 to 61:44 If your estranged son dies, and you bury them, but then you realize that it's not him... how much you deserve?

61:44 to 67:46 The Poll question changes, from sick to dying...because hey, if it bleeds it leads.

67:46 to 73:32 Everytime Tim Tebow hits a Home Run, the Tattoo guns of the Central Coast fire up.

73:32 to 81:45 TSA is stealing your money... on top of wrinkling your clothes!

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