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PODCAST - Cal Poly Students are a bigger problem than Homeless in SLO… according to law enforcement actions.

September 12th, 2017

An 8 and a 3-year-old were left in the park by their mom who went to get a Tattoo in Portland. A concerned couple called the authorities and the mom was arrested on all sorts of charges. But that got us thinking what we were doing when we were 8 and if our parents let us out on our own. But then Jeff saw a lady screaming the "C-Word" and calling other people "Mo-Fo's" while holding a shirt up to the front of her body (topless, not wearing the shirt) which led to a spirited discussion from many of San Luis Obispo's finest to chime in on the problems of the parks and why the police do not need to regulate random drug use and violence in our city parks... but if you are a Cal Poly Student peeing in an alley WATCH OUT!

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