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Jeff and Jeremy Podcast 7-25 You must be high on some cheap stuff if your going to take a baby to a Garth Brooks Concert.

July 25th, 2017

0:00 to 9:53 You know what would make the Fair… Even MORE "fair"… Wrastlin’

9:53 to 15:37 When you take that trip down the trash chute to retrieve the phone, at what point do you rethink that decision?

15:37 to 27:07 Let’s face it lack of Drive-Thru’s do make for a healthier community

27:07 to 32:25 What is more entertaining? Music or Wrastlin’

32:25 to 55:20 With Cannabis becoming more mainstream does that mean we get better quality for less $$$ Hell, in Maine they are giving it away for good deeds.

55:20 to 66:21 What would be your price to be surveilled constantly… wait, you already are.

66:21 to 70:46 Some alternative suggestions for entertainment options at the California Mid-State Fair include clowns and dildo’s

70:46 to 78:47 Garth Brooks is the Concert of the century for Paso Robles… But does that mean people should be taking their babies?

78:47 to 86:49 Usher is spreading Herpes, and Microsoft says goodbye to one of it’s most beloved features on it’s operating system.

86:49 to 91:24 If taking a baby to a concert, make sure to have Duct Tape.

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