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Podcast 8/22 - Everything we learned on this #podcast was learned at #WSU #GoCougs

August 22nd, 2017

0:00 to 5:08 If the TSA is so worried about liquids why wouldn’t they just have the passengers drink the fluid

5:08 to 13:03 Funny Frat guy thinks he’s going to play a joke on the police… but the joke is on him.

13:03 to 24:59 Colgate comes to town… and we are trying to figure out what a Colgate is.

24:59 to 35:49 What is more important when it comes to a college decision Sports or academics?

35:49 to 49:55 A Song so hot it was on Fire… and who watches TV at a Beer Fest?

49:55 to 59:05 NEVER… JOKE… ABOUT… The ECLIPSE!

59:05 to 65:00 This is the Golf event you want to go to. Beer, food, and hurt feelings are the gentleman’s sport

65:00 to 72:49 Steve Balmer would be the best Golf Heckler, and UCSB gets bumped from the top 10 in Party Schools.

72:49 to 77:34 Who said College is an important decision?

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