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8-11 Podcast - How much Bitcoin will that bus ticket cost?

August 11th, 2017

0:00 to 7:11 How come we don’t celebrate National Sons and Daughters day the same way we do Mothers and Fathers Day?

7:11 to 31:50 Is Greyhound the crappiest way to travel? If you think that, then you’ve never Craigslist Rideshared.

31:50 to 39:13 Do you take the money upfront or do you take the annual payments?

39:13 to 48:50 Taco Bell is doing their part in contributing to food innovation in Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Tustin.

48:50 to 62:06 BItcoin is the future for Perverts and Kidnappers… we need an explanation.

62:06 to 82:33 THE JD Project is not Canadian… that must be why we they are with us playing “The Long Road”.

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