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Podcast 8/16 - Boobies for Doobies, and is the Dog Walking Side Hustle better than the Uber Side Hustle?

August 16th, 2017

0:00 to 13:55 Jeremy survives a medical scare that only most women run across. Then shares way too much information about it.

13:55 to 22:36 Rob Gronkowski did a great job of channelling his inner 12 year old once again.

22:36 to 29:55 Who had the biggest fall from grace in sports? There are some very passionate responses.

29:55 to 35:58 Paleo baby food is real. Paleo Taco Bell is not.

35:58 to 44:26 What Fast Food Restaurant would it be the most fun to be the executive chef at?

44:26 to 63:30 Boobies for Doobies shows us the way around some 64-year-old boobies.

63:30 to 70:04 Teri Banish told us why Cruisin Weekend in Atascadero should not be missed.

70:04 to 78:31 Dog Walking Gigs in San Luis may be better for you than Uber.

78:31 to 81:17 The number of people who have tried baby food is pretty astonishing.

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