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Podcast 8/17: Believing, Touching, Grabbing, Hitting... Not the title of the latest Journey song. But it all happened here today.

August 17th, 2017

0:00 to 7:33 The Car Wash is off the hook in the quest to find Jeremy’s source of damage on his truck.

7:33 to 22:55 Here’s the deal… Never trust anyone that has a fake name and insists on doing their own Stunts.

22:55 to 30:25 Sexting is still something that people are doing despite all the bad that comes from it.

30:25 to 46:13 Jeff is mad at the guy who grabbed Taylor Swift… but not for grabbing Taylor Swift.

46:30 to 55:53 Movie Pass is going to make it so you can watch unlimited Movies for just $10 a month.

55:53 to 60:28 Despite not being favored the Raiders are drawing the most money in vegas.

60:28 to 65:41 Thrift Stores and Food word association must mean we got to EVERYTHING today.

65:41 to 77:16 Jeremy takes “Believing everything you read” on Facebook to a whole new level.

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