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Podcast 8-18 Songs that get you over a bicycle running into your truck.

August 18th, 2017

0:00 to 19:21 Radio, Club, Wedding… Bottom line… Don’t trust DJ’s, or postmen apparently.

19:21 to 47:43 So a Bicyclist is the one that did the damage to Jeremy’s truck… What’s he going to do about it?

47:43 to 55:36 The Eclipse and Burning Man will make for an amazing road trip

55:36 to 67:46 What songs are the best to get you through the Awkward Times.

67:46 to 81:50 Brews and Bites is going to be AMAZIN! And McGregor /Mayweather may not.

81:50 to 88:18 Never play Wind beneath my wings around Jeremy… Unless it is the reggae version.

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