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Podcast 8-10 - If the DJ at your wedding plays the “Chicken Dance” just “Shake It Off”!

August 10th, 2017

0:00 to 7:36 Did Michael Bolton fight with his label over his wardrobe scheme… Not very consistent.

7:36 to 21:01 being receptive to Wedding Crashing can be good for the local tourism economy.

21:01 to 28:42 The Wedding RSVP: What if they say they’ll show up but they don't?

28:42 to 35:42 If you are going to a wedding and not having fun it’s the Bride’s fault.

35:42 to 51:20 Jeff Stulberg comes in and explains the Taylor Swift case to us and why you shouldn’t be floating out 29 miles in the ocean with 1,200 pounds of weed.

51:20 to 57:37 Little Ceasars is getting into the automation business.

57:37 to 70:13 What sport has the hottest spectators.

70:13 to 72:45 Mega Millions or Powerball?

72:45 to 83:02 Judge Judy = "Smart" /David Hasselhoff = "This is a mess"

83:02 to 89:02 Being stuck out at sea 30 miles out, does not seem fun.

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