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#FULLSHOWFRIDAY Free Birth Control and Welcome to Avenal!

November 16th, 2018

Every Friday we like to make the entire show available to you on demand... It's our way of saying thanks for subscribing to our Podcast :)

Pabst Blue Ribbon could be going away if Miller has its way... (13:34) Does San Luis Obispo deserve the credit for bringing down the nations smoking rate since 1965? (21:00) Cardboard vehicles DO NOT qualify for the roadways of Russia. (25:54) A Simple discussion over Thanksgiving turns into a heated argument about the quickest route to Sacramento. (42:04) Now your daily dose of Birth Control. (48:56) Sarah is smiling her way to the Lidell Vs. Ortiz 3 fight in Inglewood on the 24th. (59:36) Lawn Boy Kevin bequeaths the Fantasy Dumbass of the Year award to Steve Kragenbrink for trading for Leveon Bell two weeks ago, and There will be more comedy at the Broad Street Public house this Saturday, and Trivia on Sunday. (66:07) Coach Walsh stops by to recap the season prior to the final game on Saturday. (74:49) C'Mon who deosn't want to listen to a show that is all about directions and Sports?

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