Seth Blackburn
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Seth is Minnesota-born, with an immunity to cold temperatures, like most werewolves. A die-hard (mostly”die”) Vikings fan & non-spandex-wearing bicyclist, he likes to stay active, play softball whenever possible, and write & perform music; He’s a ‘rock historian’, and classic rock is his wheelhouse; all-time favorite bands – The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Kinks, The Who, Pink Floyd, Yes – basically most of the KZOZ playlist. Seth’s idea of hell: being forced to listen to country music, with disco & rap mixed in. He excels in sarcasm & irony, as well as subtle, deadpan, time-release, and literal humor. To quote Seth, “If liquid doesn’t pass through your nose, I have failed….”

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Interview with Roger Earl of Foghat

Seth Caught up with Roger Earl to talk about the new album and his local ties to the Central Coast Wine Community. Tweet Share LinkedIn Email


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