Roger Waters “Is This The Life We Really Want” All Access Special with Joe Alvino

Roger Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd, released his first new studio album in 25 years, “Is This the Life We Really Want?”

If you missed out on the Friday Night Floyd Fix Special with Joe Alvino, you can catch it all again here!

Listen as Roger Waters describes how the songwriting began, where it went, and how it blossomed into an emotional, provocative and sobering album that will make you smile and get you mad at the same time.

Roger recalls some of what you can expect on his “Us and Them” tour and how when we believe there is an “us” and a “them,” we all suffer.

Don’t miss the riveting conversation with an artist who is being stoked by passion and empathy in his desire for peace for all on our fragile planet: It’s “Roger Waters Is This the Life We Really Want: All Access.”

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